How do I determine whether I need a business plan or a feasibility study?

Proceed towards the construction of a business plan if: 1) you already know how much funds you need to start your enterprise, 2) you are confident of the existence and size of a market for your products or services, and 3) you know that your products or services can be reliably and economically produced and delivered using existing methods and technology.

A business plan assumes that all of these have been determined to be true. Such document is meant to communicate your roadmap towards getting your products and services to your intended markets, and depicting how much rewards can be expected from investing in the endeavor.

If you ask us to perform a feasibility study, we will perform analyses based on facts. It is possible that our findings would lead to a conclusion that embarking upon a certain enterprise would be inadvisable for certain reasons. In such case, you would still derive value from the findings, as you would have been warned against committing funds on an endeavor wherein the risks of loss are high.


What are the benefits of having a business plan, aside from being able to comply with the submission requirements of investors, lenders and other parties?

Having a business plan demonstrates that you adhere to a system and set of disciplines in analyzing your entrepreneurial ideas and pursuing them. This shows that you are predictable and have made attempts to identify all the problems and challenges you expect to face in setting up the enterprise. An investor or lender will appreciate this because it tells them their risks in entrusting you with their money will be in the acceptable range.


Can I work with your Advisors beyond my normal office hours?

Our Advisors regularly accommodate clients’ time preferences for phone/Skype discussion purposes. They can also make themselves available to clients on weekends, subject to pre-arrangements. For collaboration purposes, IdeaVibe Advisors adhere to clients’ time zones wherever in the world they may be.


Can the completion of a business plan document be accelerated?

Yes, our Advisors can perform very well even in “rush mode.” However, this special service will come at an additional cost. The Advisors concerned will clear their work schedules of other client commitments to meet “rush completion” job requirements.


Will there be extra charges for additional work or changes requested beyond the allotted revision period?

We have a set hourly charge for additions or changes that clients ask for beyond the prescribed revision period. However, if the work required is deemed minor, IdeaVibe may waive such fees as a courtesy to the client.


Are you able to create a business plan for me even if my industry is not listed on your website?

Yes, our Advisors are trained to rapidly acquire an understanding of the logic of your industry, as well as what it takes to succeed in it. This, plus our access to paid industry research reports, enable our Advisors to expertly assemble the business plan you need.


I am unable to complete your planning questionnaire. Will this severely impact the quality of my business plan or delay its completion?

Our Advisors are ready to assist you in your decision-making processes with regards to providing appropriate responses to questions or in generating the set of information being sought. One thorough interactive session with our Advisors is all that is necessary for them to help you go through the questionnaire or collect alternative useful information.



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